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We are a handful of freelance artists and entrepreneurs who came to use our passion as an expression of peace. We love what we do and are eager to spread the love potion inside of us.


About Me

The journey which led me towards entrepreneurship started in my childhood. In childhood and elementary I use to play
with paper-dolls–coordinating clothing with different colors by mix-matching the top and bottoms. My imagination was to use colors that will attract the attention from fireflies, dragon flies and butterflies.
We had a pet peacock when I was a toddler. I was so amazed and excited when it would spread its wings quickly and showoff the beautiful colors.
In my teen years I wore skirts, short sleeve blouses and a neck tie with hi-top converse sneakers.  I love the converse hi-tops brand to this day.  🙂
I used my imagination to sketch what I thought was beautiful from dresses, landscapes, buildings and unique houses.  I did that as a hobby just to pass the time away.
Then life thru me a curve-ball.  I managed to attend a technical school and continued to search the niche I was looking for in life. 
I started making jewelry and birdhouses out of plywood until the prices of plywood increased.  This was also my way to escape into creativity.
I kept searching for the passion that I can express to share with others.  The passion inside of me allowed me to extend my love towards people who want to do the same.
I finally found my niche–it is people who want to do the same by expressing peace and love in various ways which now led me to promote peace thru, food, cosmetics and retail.
I finally released the love potion inside of me.

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