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About Estavent

Estavent is an anti-violence, anti-terrorism company formed by the grid of society and birthed by the love of community.

Peace is a transient state, measured by the hearts of the people and the harmony in the home.

When we take some responsibility for our friends and neighbors, it will lessen the tension that may cause a disruption of peace.  The accumulated tension without love will  resonate with the darker undercurrents of society.

However, it is easier said than done.

Our company gives an opportunity  for the silenced voices to be heard with the strength of our ancestors as their will echoes in our spirits for future generations.

That powerful voice of hope spreads like love spreads from the deepest region of our hearts, releasing the passion inside of us, giving us the ability and energy to make long-lasting and far reaching changes in society.

We imagine a peaceful future without unnecessary pain and suffering filled with love and kindness.

Estavent products are the synthesis of peace, love and happiness.

“Release your inner love potion”

Our loose leaf tea and whole bean coffee products embrace and enhance your natural emotion upon consumption. They are packaged with a statement of enlightenment to lift up your mood and spirit.


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